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Running a marathon...Skiing...Hunting...

With the right prosthesis just about anything is possible

At Syracuse Prosthetic Center we believe that just about anything is possible. And over the years we have built custom prostheses that would allow our clients to do just about anything they wanted.

athletic prosthetics

Special legs for running, skiing, snow boarding and more. We've designed arms that would let our clients hunt again - both with a rifle and a bow.

And in some cases the prosthesis we designed was the first of it's kind (or at least that we know about.)

We've also developed special limbs that would allow our clients to return to an occupation that they thought they could never do again.

So if there is something that you really want to do again and your "everyday" limb just won't do the job, talk to us. Let us show you what is possible.  

And if what you're looking for doesn't exist yet -— maybe together we can achieve the next great innovation in prosthetics.

healthy lifestyle


Jennifer Kelchner

"I travel a lot around the country and the world, competing with other great athletes from all over. I want to feel comfortable and look good. I need a prosthetic company that is always there for me. Syracuse Prosthetic Center is always there for me. They take their performance as seriously as I take mine. They go out of their way to help and always give the best that technology can offer." – Jennifer Kelchner, Truckee, CA. 1998 Paralympic Gold Medal Winner for downhill skiing in Nagano, Japan

"I have been to many prosthetists since losing my leg. I am now in the most comfortable socket I have ever worn. I am able to wear my prosthesis for 16 hours a day without discomfort. When I am not working, I enjoy biking, hiking and canoeing." – Ron Hepler, Williamson