Meet John Sawyer...

When John came to us he already had a lower-arm prosthesis that let him do his normal work and even some activities at home. But he wanted more. He wanted to be able to do all the things he enjoyed before he lost his arm. Things that required far more dexterity, like golfing and bow hunting.

We built him an arm that included a special wrist that lets John bend it up to 50º to accommodate different activities. Plus he got a specialized system that will allows him to use a full set of golf clubs and adjust his swing for each one. And, we worked with a bow manufacturing company to develop a bow specific to John's needs.  

Now John is a better golfer than most of us here at SPC and he has set his sights on competitive play. And he has returned to hunting. Even better, John has discovered new abilities with his new prosthesis arm using various tools and equipment he didn't think possible.