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A Message to The Recent Amputee

If you have reached our website because you are a recent amputee in the greater Syracuse area, you already know that facing amputation is more frightening than most people can imagine. And yet if you are here you have faced it and more.

But the thing to remember, if you have recently lost a limb due to diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, cancer or a traumatic accident, is that it's not the end, but the beginning of the next portion of your life.

And at Syracuse Prosthetic Center, our experienced prosthetists are here to help you get your life back with the help of a new arm or leg.

You'll find that at every step of the process we work with you to ensure that your artificial limb is comfortable and gives you back as much function as possible.

It is not uncommon, in fact, for our patients to find that with the custom artificial limbs we create for them that they are able to be as active, and in some cases more active, than before they lost their limb.

As you look through the site you will find information about what to expect as your limb continues to heal and how that will affect the building of your prosthesis as well as articles about living with an artificial limb. You'll discover how we custom build your limb using the latest and most functional components — selected from literally hundreds of manufacturers — to meet the your specific needs.  

And you'll learn how we custom build and fit every socket (the portion of your new limb that fits over your amputation site) on the premises to ensure that you get the most comfort.

You will also find out about our many success stories with others who we have helped to get back to life with a new artificial limb. You can even ask other amputees about their experiences living with a prosthesis when you have us put you in touch with our patient ambassadors.

So please take a few minutes now and read over the rest of the site then call us at 877-476-9697 with your questions, or to make an appointment to meet with us for a courtesy consultation.


recent amputee

"I've been to other facilities...You simply won't find anyplace where they care more, are more up to date with new technology or try harder to improve the quality of your life."
- Charles Barrus, Fulton, NY

  "I travel the country and the world, competing with other great athletes, I want to feel comfortable and look good, Syracuse Prosthetic Center is always there for me. They take their performance as seriously as I take mine." - Jennifer Kelchner, Truckee, CA. 1998 Paralympic Gold Medal Winner for downhill skiing in Nagano, Japan